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Our Fee

Agent Fee & Handling Fee

With a norminal agent fee of RMB 5.00 per qty of item and handling fee of S$1.00 per URL, we provide the following services to you:
~ Purchasing of items on your behalf from
~ Inspections for your purchased items
~ Consolidation of your orders before shipping them all at once to Singapore
~ Absorption of all GST charged
~ Full shipping insurance coverage for your items from China to Singapore (We operate on the "No Show, No Payment" policy).

** Attractive corporate rates are offered to corporate customers, please contact us at for further discussions. **

Shipping Rates to Singapore

Shipping Method 1st 500g Subsequent 500g ~ Delivery Lead Time
Air Shipping S$8.00 S$3.80 2-5 Working Days
* Special Air Shipping S$12.00 S$5.80 2-5 Working Days

Special Air Shipping is catered for liquid, powder, cream, compressed gas, battery, weapon-like toys, tea leaves, food, medication, branded items, brand inspired items, harddisk, CDs.
In the event customer ordered something of the above catergory and selected normal air shipping method, reserves the right to use the suitable method on behalf of customers and fees will be borne by customer accordingly.

~ Delivery Lead Time is based on the loading of your items at port. 

*Note: According to international shipment standard, for light but bulky product, shipping cost of all shipment methods are charged based on the larger one between volumetric weight and gross weight.
  •   Gross Weight: Net Weight of Item x 1.15
  •  Volumetric Weight(kg) = Length(cm)*Width(cm)*Hight(cm) / 5000
**If you are not comfortable with volumetric weight shipments, you may consider joining a spree at one of our sister company
 to have your items imported in via EMS. EMS shipments are charged by the nett weight of the package. **

Shipping Schedule
Air Shipping - Daily (Except Sunday)
Special Air Shipping - Twice Every Week (Monday & Wednesday)

Prohibited Items
Items prohibited by Singapore custom/law like chewing gum, tobacco, weapons, explosives, flammable or highly contaminative items.
TaobaoXpress reserves the right to cancel any orders that we deem as prohibited items. We will not be held responsible in the event of items being confiscated and any legal issues arose by the purchase of such items.  

Shipping Rates to Other Countries
We can help with the purchase of your orders even if you are not from Singapore.
Please contact us for the shipping rates to other countries.

In Summary

1st Payment:
(Item Cost  + 快递 to Guangdong + RMB 5.00/qty of item ) x Exchange Rate + (S$1.00/URL)

2nd Payment:
Shipping Cost - Refunds (Inclusive of agent fee & handling fee of unsucessful purchases)

*Local delivery will be done by Taqbin courier, charges will be payable by customer to them directly upon delivery to your doorstep. This cost will be advised in our email notification which we trigger to your registered email account with us. For cost reference, please refer to*

Alternatively, goods may be self collected at our collection point: Blk 26 Jalan Klinik #07-52 S'pore 160026 and the local delivery charge will not be applicable.

** Revised by Management of on 10 May 2012 **